Lueg Denkmal & Heimiswil Eibe

Lueg is high hill (elevation 890 m / 2920 ft) northeast of Heimiswil affording a wonderful view as far as the Bernese alps. It is reported that on a clear day one can see 300 mountain peaks at the Lueg, from Pilatus near Lucerne to Mont Blanc on the border in France. In 1921 a memorial monument (Denkmal) was erected here that commemorates 54 soldiers of the Bernese calvary who protected the borders of Switzerland during World War I, but who died in 1918 from the Spanish Flu. Their names are written on several sides of the monument. The hike to the Lueg from Heimiswil was about 3 miles (about 5 kilometers). We had a perfect weather day for the hike.

The Swiss-German word "lueg" is related to the English word "look." So the "Lueg" is a "lookout."

On the hiking trail between Heimiswil and Lueg is a famous 1000-year old yew tree - the Heimiswiler Eibe (Yew), located by the Gärstler farm house. The "Wappen" ("coat of arms") of Heimiswil features this very old Eibe.

At the beginning of the trail, just off the main road connecting the village of Heimiswil with the Spycher Lodge, there is an interesting depression ("hollow" or "Hohle" called the "Brüelhohle") that was a mule-cart path in the 19th century. See this link for more information about the Brüelhohle of Heimiswil (use Google's translate to English tool).

For more detail about the Brüelhohle, from the above link, click on "Mehr"
On the detailed map, there is more information.

Not far from the Lueg Denkmal is the Landgasthof und Seminarhotel Lueg, at which is also the Schweizer Volksmusikzentrum. The stage and outdoor seating area has a wonderful view of this area of the Emmental. (We could see the seating area from the Spycher Lodge!)

Today was almost cloudless, but the sky was hazy. Nevertheless the views were well worth the 1,000 foot elevation gain of the hike. We met 2 alphorn players at the monument who used the serenity and vista to practice a couple traditional songs.


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Hike to Heimiswiler Eibe & Lueg Denkmal

View of the Spycher Lodge from the trail!

At the top of the hill heading toward the Heimiswiler Eibe

The settlement of Heimismatt

A good place to rest, drink some water,
and enjoy apple slices and cookies we brought with us.


Video clip of alphon players at the Lueg


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Gary & Cathy Martin